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The quality of product is existent base.Client's satisfaction is eonian promises. Keep anead in industry is our aim. Quality advance is timeless question.
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HUAYER INDUSTRY CO.,LTD is dedicated to enhance customer's auto parts -added by providing excellent manufacturing service via complete low-cost,high quality ranges of suspension and steering products
Based on 10 years of experience in manufacturing.HUAYER maintain our strategic focus in providing excellence in design,manufacturing and service processes,whilst recognizing China ¡® long term competitive advantage in materials and engineering skills through the culture of continuous improvement
We Believe:
>>Honesty and reliability are core elements of business and personal standards
>>Success is achieved through the process of creating core competence and coverting risks into opportunities
>>Sustainable profitability is achieved through adding value to the supply chain
>>A good decision should simultaneously satisfy customers,employees and the shareholders

Our Mission:
>>To secure each co-worker be committed to continuous growth and realizing their role in creating genuine success.
>>To enhance the well-being of mankind,constantly seeking excellence and the satisfaction of our customers.
>>To achieve world class status,aiding the development of the Chinese economy through evolving into an indispensable part of the global value-chain
>>To become a benchmark for Chinese entrepreneurs

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